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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 11, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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it will take years to find out. >> steelers say, their radio, their headsets were interrupted with interference by the patriots broadcast team. how does that happen? did the the paths cheese already? it is first game of the year. patriots won the game. quincy harris is our wake up guy this morning. >> i'm waking people up with world renowned trombone player jeff brad shaw we will wake up a child in the northeast, i cannot wait. >> there is ative rent technique, i like it. >> that is a wake up call. >> yes. >> now he is waking people up on good day philadelphia, fantastic. >> it is wonderful. >> how about that coming in your bedroom this morning. >> here's weather and traffic. >> we will start off with bus stop buddy. in more umbrella, in more yellow rain coat we are getting ready for a decent the day, still cloudy and damp waiting for the the bus but it will get better but there is stubborn clouds around this morning. eight out of ten is weather by
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numbers. beats yesterday which should have been a lower number than five. 68 degrees is our current temperature. cloud are still out there. we have a northerly breeze at 10 miles an hour working on that and working on getting sunshine back in here. 84 percent relative hugh mid, time a few showers around jersey shore, only place we can find any rain at the moment but look at our forecast for 84 degrees, with increasing sunshine, and lower humidity, and northerly breeze all day long. a lot of improvement from yesterday's record rainfall in philadelphia. and now we have big traffic problems, this is still vine street expressway, right bob kelly. >> that is exactly what i thought would happen. i told you so. they have shut down ramp to clear jackknife tractor trailer. here's the deal we are lag live at jackknife tractor trailer on the ramp from the vine expressway to go west, on the schuylkill expressway,
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smacked head on in the concrete barrier. there is a fuel spill out there. now all traffic is diverted, east on the schuylkill expressway. so folks now go the opposite direction, flip u turn at 30th street or at south street and then, whenever there is a tea tore involved, folks get confused. it is not a good thing. the westbound on the vine we are bumper to bumper from 95. leaving center city coming over been franklin bridge this will impact traffic on the bennie as well ander with looking to go west out of town i will use vine street local over to the kelly tort martin luther king drive. that will get you around whole mess and on your way without a problem. trying to get to 30th street station i'd exit at broad street and get to the numbered streets and use market or jfk boulevard to get across in 30th street station. we are seeing wet road and delays, heavy from cottman avenue into girard avenue. accident north bound lanes of route 55 heading in the
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freeway no problems on the whitman but ben franklin will be jammed because of that accident on the vine street expressway, maybe and alex back to you. we are remembering today the terror attacks of 9/11. thousands of lives lost, families that have been impacted forever and incredible heroism of the first responders. >> lets take to you manhattan a live picture from lower manhattan where moments of silence and tributes will be taking place, again this year today. memorial is 8 acres, two reflecting pools thaw are hearing and seeing right there which are the largest manmade waterfalls in north america. the the pools are within the footprints of the where the twin towers once stood and include names of the people that lost their lives that day 14 years ago. >> last year was first year they opened it up to the public, and 20,000 people went to those in person. it is a truly an experience. it is very peaceful. you sit there. it is wonderful to reflect. >> bigger then you think when you see it on tv.
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those are big footprints there. people in man you this a starting to garther already for their annual day of ceremony and observance have of 9/11. sabina kuriakose is live at the place of reflection in mantua, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. looking behind me you can see the township already out here, well into setting up for this memorial. it takes place at 8:30. so for about an hour and a half for now, they had hole their ceremony, annual patriot day ceremony a the place of reflection at chestnut branch park. county wide memorial that they are holding. you can see the spell they have at this memorial that tolls each time when the planes hit the towers and also went town in shanksville, pennsylvania and hit the pentagon. you can see in the distance there just beyond the bell, the peak of the 9/11 tea brings they have brought here for memorial and if you want to pan over and go over beyond
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this red truck there is a new addition to the memorial here for this year as well. we have added to a memorial of the victims of the pentagon attack as well on 9/11. they are getting ready, setting that up here. it is a five-point area that they have created this memorial for to honor victims of the pentagon. they have put the great, wonderful details, they told me about this morning to this memorial. they told me that the walkway leading to the pentagon is 9 feet, 11 inches long and distance from the flagpole there to that block if you can see it, that is a piece of the debris from the pentagon as well. that is 9 feet 11 inches from the the flag pull to the piece of debris there. just loving touches and the block, with that memorial is there 184 gray blocks one for each victim. so even 14 years out as we
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honor this day they are finding ways to add on and add on new ways to remember are the victims, the memorial again starts at 8:30 and we are expecting family members here as well as the mayor. is there bagpipers as part of the ceremony. we want to mention 9/11 victims we are honoring today john rodack, nicholas brand marty and perry thompson all men who lost their lives on 9/111 will be honored at 8:30. we will bring it to you guys. >> is a bean, thanks for that. as we get closer to the pope's visit philadelphia city officials are trying to ease concerns about security restrictions around the area. >> we have been talking about this every day this week,tories a new story preparing for the pope. we have more information about restrictions, to see services in the city released just yesterday. >> we are 15 days away from the pope. >> reporter: we're three days away from the first warnings about what will happen if you don't do stuff. like having your car towed.
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starting monday they will start putting out paper signs on peoples cars saying you better take action quick but before all that how about good news to start the story. the warnings about all of that walking for miles, now has suddenly been retranslated in to a way more welcoming in the so dire warning going for many miles to maybe near blocks. why? because planners realized people were plane being scared away from even showing up. hotel booking is here in philadelphia, not as brisk, as the hotel bookings forget away to the shore and poconos to get away from all this stuff. high security planners have suddenly opened up more stops to a lot more closer to the action and events for septa. at independent hall for day one, and a here on the parkway for day number two. >> when you add, for instance, eighth and market, that was
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not on the original list, when you add eighth and market as a stop you are literally two blocks from independent hall. it makes a big difference. so a few others that have been added overtime as we have continued to refine, work and do, yeah, the the travel distances have been reduced but that does not take away from i guess the larger point that we were trying to make way back in june when we had our first press conference was that you will have to walk some difficulties tans. >> reporter: well, those not even interested in the pope are being forced to walk because they are being forced to keep their cars, out of their own streets, parking spots, in front of their homes. meeting held here at basilica, coincidently last night for all those in the security zones who found out they will have their cars, towed, starting a week from this sunday. that is a weekend before the
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pope's big sunday mass. why so soon? because they have to start getting a lot of cars out of a lot of streets and blocks and they have to put up fencing and security barricades for the pope's visit. that is why they are starting toww way in advance. to avoid being tow had you can buy a philadelphia parking authority plaquard and put it on your car and that will allow to you keep your car park on the street another three or four days. they will not see that plaquard and that tells parking authority you intend to move your car to a parking authority garage, the the thursday before the pope weekend. these people are not happen bye all this. they are inconvenienced and they are out of pocket 20 bucks, and that is if their car doesn't get broken in to from somebody stealing plaquard sitting on the dashboard here in these neighborhoods. i'm trying to do this with a gentle smile on my face because i feel so sorry for these people. normally the idea of living in the center city area is for
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convenience not so much for inconvenience but it is only one week. >> that is true. >> we have to remember it is no the just pope it is world meeting of families which starts five taste before the pope shows up. >> lots of people coming in well before the pope come. >> thousands of people. steve, may peace be with you. traffic comes to a halt in part of the mantua township after much needed rain pound the area leaving road flooded, you know, it has been three weeks since we had any rain. this was berkley road, and route 45, early this morning. traffic was shut down in both directions, but both directions are now opened. a young man is still in the hospital this morning, weeks after a hit and run in bensalem. do you remember him? 22-year old robert scotties confined to a hospital bed with his jaw wired shot, broken bones all over his body. he doesn't remember much of what happened, fire fighters found him lying in the street
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on august 24th. family is offering a you this dollars reward for information on who struck him and left him there to die in the road. if you have any information call bensalem police. police are working two reports of sexual assaults, only blocks away and injuries hours apart. the attacks started tuesday afternoon around 3:45. a 57 year-old woman was walking on the 5400 block of wakefield street when she was drag in the alley way and sexually assaulted. then four and a half hours later man fitting the same description grabbed the 19 year-old woman, dragged her in the driveway and sexually assaulted her. police have checked surveillance cameras and they are beefing up patrols in that area. pennsylvania senator pat toomey will deliver a keynote address during a 9/11 remembrance service in delaware county. it will take place at law enforcement fire e ms memorial in media at 10:30. it will honor first responders and also the relatives.
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in wilmington, delaware governor jack markell will deliver remarks at the to delaware military academy. that ceremony begins at 11:00 o'clock. steve sweeney will visit several memorial events today throughout gloucester county. his day will include patriot day ceremony in mantua. we have been bringing through throughout the morning. and from there we will head to mercer and bergen counties in north jersey to honor those using today as a volunteer day, day of service as well as remembrance. >> exactly. sue, do you mind if we come to you early. >> i'm okay. i can get over there. >> we have had so much rain we need to talk to you. >> i want to look at some rainfall totals. >> she can walk and talk. >> almost, every day, not quite. the record rainfall total for philadelphia, the official total for one day september 10th, 2015, 4.76 inches of rain. wow.
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and then this is wenoah in gloucester county, new jersey. >> wenoah. >> did i leave a letter out. >> i can walk, talk but i cannot spell. 4 inches of rain there. graterford in montgomery county 3.46. valley forge 3 inches. dover 2.63. impressive rainfall totals but in case you are wondering the most rainfall we have ever had in one day ever was just two years ago on july 28th, 2013 when we had 8 inches on have rain all in one day at philly international. soaking wet then, and then yesterday, but not anymore, we're starting to dry out, after all that rain it will take a little while but eventually, we will get rid of the last gasp of the rain off the coast of atlantic city a and get clouds out of here after that. they should be clearing from northwest to south east throughout the rest of the morning. we have a beautiful afternoon in store with those northerly breezes, the humidity will get down as well. as we continue to look at the future cast we have a lot of
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sunshine for saturday, early in the day. even around 2:00 o'clock it is a mix of sun and cloud and rain rolls rolls in by 6:00 at night. 10:00 o'clock we have pockets of heavy downpours our next system coming through and last in the early hours of sunday morning. another break in the action maybe mid-morning on sunday and a chance of some rain continuing into sunday evening but you can see sunshine as well throughout ladder part of the the day on sunday. we will see chance of rain on sunday but chance of sunshine. same for saturday as well. checking these temperatures in allentown it is 66 degrees. sixty-one in mount pocono. here in philadelphia 68. sixty-five in limerick. doylestown 64. down to the shore 07 in cape may and 68 degrees in atlantic city. phillies have two games tonight thanks to the rain out last night so we will start at 5:00 o'clock and first, that is for the first game
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78 degrees, the temperature a very nice evening at the ballpark. we will hope we have a nice store too. eighty-one was our high yesterday. little more like it is supposed to be average high in the lower 80's. eighty-four today. eighty-one tomorrow. in the a perfect weather weekend but not a wash out. eighteen saturday. seventy-six our high temperature on sunday and then monday maybe a little nip in the air in the morning with 58 in the city, cooler in the suburbs, and sunshine all the way through to thursday and warming trend as well, so that is your weather authority forecast, how are things on that vine at the schuylkill. >> not going anywhere right now, good morning, everybody. 7:15. live look at the jackknife tractor trailer and cheap up operation that sits on the ramp from the westbound vine street expressway to head west on the schuylkill expressway. we will see police with the big tow truck on the scene here. this guy smash head on into that concrete barrier at 4:30
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this morning. only within lane ramp is opened and all traffic that is coming west on the vine expressway forced to go east on the schuylkill expressway and for most folks that is opposite direction they intended to when they got on the vine to begin w as we get ready to step out the front door heading west on the schuylkill here's your alternate. use vine street local, the drives are the way to go to get out of town a void the vine street expressway. get on the vine you are stuck, dead in the water. trying to get into 30th the street station use anyone of the numbered street and cross over on jfk or market street to get from 30th street station from there. northbound 55, right here near 42 freeway and 202 northbound we have any to 401 all due to a new traffic pattern right at 401 interchange. mike and alex, back to you. four years ago today i was on the air and staff on
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twitter said hey mike please also remember the people who survived 9/11 attacks. they are often overlooked. help lived through hell. that ace good reminder. thank you for that. >> fourteen years ago right now i never thought that lower manhattan would recover but now 14 years later, look at how beautiful this place is. robert, good morning. >> reporter: mike and alex good morning to you. later this morning we will have a somber ceremony just to our north. six moment of silence to mark the exact minute when those four planes crashed and then another two moments of silence for when this towers fell. in the place of the towers is this, one world trade center just behind me. fittingly it is shrouded in fog this early morning because this day is covered and shrouded in sadness. >> jasper baxter. >> lorraine g fey. >> reporter: in the years since we last in mark this sad occasion lower manhattan has
7:18 am
climbed upward and moved on war. one world observatory which offers sweeping views of the top of one world trade is now open. it did in the dwell but celebrates the resilience of the city. >> tribute to looking forward, to the hope of the future, and to all good things but it is really a fist many bump about we're back. >> reporter: three world trade is on its way sky ward when it opens in 2018, it will stand more than 80 stories tall and offer 2.8 million square feet of rentable space and yet, for all of the progress there are still constant signs that the events of september 11th, 2001, are still taking a toll four years later. >> fire department recently added 21 names to the memorial wall in brooklyn, the names belonged to members who have died in 9/11 related ailments. >> fourteen years later the number of our fallen continue to rise, no one can say how many lives, september 11th
7:19 am
will ultimately claim. >> pope francis will greet family members at 9/11 memorial when he visits the the city this month and then enter museum and speak at a multi faith event described as spiritual, and respectful. no matter how much time transforms lower machine hat on it will always remain hallow ground. >> part of the reason why thinks always going to be hallow ground is because sad reality is many of these family will never actually get remains back of their loved ones. this is the closest that they can be, to the ones that they lost on that day. as sunsets today, tribute in lights will illuminate the skies over lower manhattan, those twin beams of light, spectacular site and reminder that even though the twin towers are not here anymore, new york city, is strong.
7:20 am
>> those two beams of blue light, i'm telling you, it was a great idea and i'm glad they do it every night. >> they shine 4 miles in the sky. beautiful. it will start at three and end at midnight tonight lead nothing to tomorrow morning. we will take a quick break here some numbers from lays night.
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this is highland avenue. >> you can see officials on the scene trying to figure out what exactly happened. when we have more information we will update you. >> it looks like someone's residence or someone's house there front yard of the home. i have a question for you. >> okay. >> would you -- super bowl 50 is coming up. would you rather see roman numeral like they to every year, horrible graphic. >> your handwriting. >> yes.
7:24 am
>> it is an almost. >> or would you rather see, a 50. >> they have been doing roman numerals up until now. >> but now things have changed, lauren simoneti, we will go with five-zero, it is a good idea and it will look better. >> it will look much better. it will celebrate nfl 50th anniversary, and come on, how confusing was it trying to write out 49 in roman numerals. >> it was. >> unfortunately, 51 isn't going to get to be five-one the. it will be l1 because we will go back to roman numerals after the special 50th anniversary which is next year technically. game is out in california, february 7th, 2016, now gold is usually gift you give for 50th anniversaries and the like. some of the lines of the 50-yard lanes will be gold, and obviously callus golden state. it all makes sense. >> it does make sense. >> by the way that logo is cool. i haven't seen that 50. >> really nice.
7:25 am
>> this is important to our area because campbell's soup is right here, in camden, right across the river are where we're sitting right now, lauren. >> is there a new way to enjoy the soup and it sound like it is easier. >> campbell's and keurig and your coffee make are teaming up to make soup k cups. so what you do is is, there is a packet of noodles. you put it in the mug. put your k cup of soup, is where you put the coffee and press brew, let it stand for three minutes and you have 70-calorie campbell's k cup soup. >> 70 calories. >> if you don't want your soup to taste like coffee make sure you run the the brew cycle in between. >> sound like lauren has one of these coffee makers. >> she knows how much to do it. >> how much soup will you get. >> a mouthful. >> i want to say, i. tried it yet but from the
7:26 am
demo's i have looked at, it looks like the the same as you get in the coffee cup. people adjust size tease. >> portion control. >> pretty good news for campbell's, you know what i mean. >> campbell's is struggling, as is keurig. these sales are down this partnership was two years in the making. it is late. but i feel like people are excited about it. >> coming together. >> ii don't remember being as excited as i am a right now. >> bye, lauren. >> go over and buy your keurick campbell's soup thingy. >> we have one in the green room. >> thanks, lauren. >> that will be lunch todayy bought one from qvc. >> in one ever said. >> every time we do a story, we get tweets, keurig. what is it, german. sue, staff? >> there you go, staff. >> what if there was no men's room, in women's room, anymore, just a rest room?
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a big change is coming to philadelphia. i'll tell you. (plays throughout)
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let's get back to breaking news out of chester. in front of the somebody's home, front yard, the front sidewalk there, there has been a shooting. >> they have crime scene tape
7:30 am
up there and they are investigators out there as well. this is on highland. >> highland street. >> in chester. >> steve is heading down that way. it looks like everything is over, certainly, there is an additional flurry of activity. someone has been shot in chester. reuben amaro, junior, oh, and patriots played last night as well. lets talk about that. that guy right there is very upset. he is coach of the pittsburgh steelers. >> and new they are calling it headset gate. so, spy gate, deflate gate and could this be headset gate. >> let's ask sean brace, philly >> good morning, everybody. >> did you watch the game. >> absolutely. >> nfl season opener. first football friday. you've got to love it. right out of the shoot, new england patriots radio broadcast was coming through the pittsburgh steelers headset. you cannot script this stuff. people are saying, do you think patriots would have have
7:31 am
the guts to do them. yes, they have the guts. >> i think they would. absolutely. >> so it was the first half, see the coaches can communicate with the coaches up the in the booth above an inside line coaches. so in their headsets what they were hearing. >> this he were hearing new england patriots radio broadcast. >> serious. >> it is great. >> bill belichick was asked about that in his post game conference and he claims the same thing they were getting, you know, some mixed signals in their headset as well but he didn't go into detail. we don't know fit was same type signal. people are lying do you think patriots. >> yes, i do. they lose the best. >> mike tom lynn is a calm coach after the games, but he was upset. >> we were listening to the patriots radio broadcast for majority of the first half on our headsets. >> coach to coach or coach to
7:32 am
quarterback. >> coach to coach. >> yeah. >> he is steamed. >> he should be. >> this morning they are blaming it on the rain. >> did you hear that. >> blame it on the rain. >> yes. >> technical difficulties, mike. >> like i said, bigger point is they he lose benefit of the doubt. after that last report that came out this past monday that a employee with go in the locker room and steel play book from the opposing team, everything is off the table. >> that is right. it takes you back to the 2004 patriots/eagles. >> sticking with football did you see comments that demarco murray made about shady mccoy. >> so spot on, as i like to say. so spot on. >> it is time to move on. it is from a qg article. shady mccoy continues to go down that road. i'm talk about eagles players and chip kill a like. the it is like enough is enough, shady. when you spoke about the chip kelly being a racist, and then your first opportunity in
7:33 am
front of the buffalo media, he didn't want to talk about chip kelly anymore. now he is bringing it backup. >> here's the thing, i feel reporter keep asking too. what do you think. >> no, do you think that. >> it is, true. >> demarco murray says it is time to move on. >> shady said about demarco. >> he is not top running back in the league he is best last year. >> shady just runs his mouth good lets talk about sunday. >> redskins will play in our division. they play miami. >> that is correct. >> and then cowboys/giants already. >> sunday night football, nbc. they will do that, every single will year, sunday night football, chris collins worth, al michaels and big spread i'm not sure who will come out but i expect cowboys. >> and then monday. >> and then there is monday. >> all of the sports reporters in town have predicted how they will do, eagles will do. >> incredible. this year everybody is talking about super bowl. i'm nerve to us say.
7:34 am
that one writer predicted apocalypse, the kansas city chiefs verse the philadelphia eagles in the super bowl, andy reid comes out on top. >> my gosh. >> oh, my stomach. >> i can feel it. >> we can't have that. >> good to see you what do you think their record will be. >> eleven-five, 12-four. >> we will go to the playoffs i can guarantee you that. >> thirteen-three. >> that all sound good to me as long as we go far. >> sue, 7:34. let do weather. >> lets look at bus stop buddy, smiling as ever without the umbrella, without the yellow rain coat and muggy the dog. even though damp, stick think morning, temperatures will be mostly in the 60's at the bus stop with the eight out of ten in your weather by numbers, it is 68 degrees, still cloudy out there but road are dried out nicely, northerly breeze
7:35 am
at 9 miles an hour helping with that. 84 percent relative humidity and last of the rain pulling off shore. 84 degrees today, cloud, sunshine, not as humid as it has been especially all this week and yesterday with all that rain. 64 degrees tonight with a few clouds, cool are night, wake up to temperatures in the 50's in the suburbs, tomorrow. we will talk about the weekend forecast coming up, talk to bob kelly right now. >> 7:35. good morning. we are getting there slowly but surely they towed the the tractor trailer out of there, penndot crews putting down sand to clean up the gasoline and oil that was spilled when this tractor trailer smacked in the concrete barrier here on the vine street expressway ramps to the westbound schuylkill expressway. we are looking live here at center city crossing town from i-95 all the way over to the schuylkill just a parking lot, everything into one lane and then everyone is forced to go
7:36 am
schuylkill east in towards 30th and south philadelphia with just okay if you go to 30th street but not okay because most of these folks are heading out westbound. best bet leaving the house right now center city, ben franklin bridge into downtown use vine street local and then kelly or martin lieutenant are king drives. that will access out of town. avoid that whole mess and on your way vine street local way to go. north on 55, bumper to bumper and then normal slow stuff working your way through bellmawr, new jersey. normal delays on the blue route. roads are damp and wet from the rain we had yesterday and head up for tomorrow, out and about, maybe going to the shore for weekend, coming into manayunk, schuylkill will go down to one lane all day tomorrow beginning at 6:00. one lane between conshohocken and gladwynn. tree trimmers out there mike, we have signed you up. >> i'm in to it and i'm branching out. >> mass transit, looking good.
7:37 am
>> that was good. >> that whole thing stumps me. >> what if men and with machine's rooms runaway now they will be unisex bathrooms. >> this could happen in philadelphia, we will explain. do we have anymore chips?
7:38 am
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7:40. well, changes are coming, transgender and gender neutral bathrooms. >> yes. >> so they are make ago lot of headlines these days when it comes to gender. some big changes are directly related to when you go out to places here. >> chris murphy. >> it could be, right. we necessity there has been confrontations of transgendered individuals when they are forced to choose which bathroom to use. one city council members say let's fix that by milking single occupant bathrooms gender neutral. bill passes, any single occupant bathroom will have to be identified as available to anyone, everyone, regardless of gender. bill sponsors councilman mark says it is long overdue,
7:41 am
philadelphia would be among first, largest sit toys take this step. it has been long sought off by transgender community and councilman says this is a big thing. >> some things are brought to our attention, you know, from the administration, brought to us our attention in the way of thinking that can we just have bathrooms that are single use, and rest rooms and not designated for male or female. after we thought bit, we say yah, it should be in way. >> reporter: no surprise, not everyone likes this. critics on social media saying it is caving to the demands of a small group. bill in the current form woman date fines to any business that didn't follow in line with the certain period of time and the councilman says he is confident the that the bill does have a votes to pass in the council. i know one restaurant, tululu garden has gender neutral bathrooms and communities are outside these bathrooms. >> people are complaining, if you need a reason think about the times when women we have to use a rest room with long
7:42 am
lines as amens room they don't i have long line as all. >> i didn't think about that. >> true. >> and then we, men, we're a mess. woman has to walk in after what we did. >> that is true. >> that is awful. >> put the the seat down. >> this is what the sign may look like, half man, it is speaksed to be a dress on the right side. >> yes. >> change babe is in there. >> that is a big thing too there with the kid because when kid hit a certain age. if i'm with my daughter who is seven i cannot bring her in the men's room with me she's too old but i can't go in the ladies room to take her. there is a thing that would be remedied by this gender neutral bathroom. >> you are right about that line thing. >> always a lady side that has long line. >> y'all take so long. >> we just go in there. so, that would mean you are right. it is i a thrill to walk in the men's room and look over
7:43 am
to the women's room and there is that long line. i'm glad i'm a man. >> everyone will be equal. >> across the bank. >> good thing. >> 7:43. thanks, chris. >> what have i done. >> we're in the northeast, are you ready to wake her up. >> he has the trombone. we have robert, and we have stephanie, waiting for to us wake her up. >> we're ready. >> we're going in right now.
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7:45 am
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bushkill falls is a place you might want to spend the weekend. just bring those sweaters, because things will get cooler, as the weekend goes along. taking a look at the shore cast, first of all, for the weekend, and, we have 81-degree day. clouds will clear and make way for sunshine. pretty decent day. breezy at the shore. there is a chance of showers object saturday, a chance of showers on sunday, and some sunshine in between. so not, a total wash out at our shore points 80 degrees on saturday. seventy-six on sunday. ocean water temperature nice and warm, 78 degrees. heading to the mountains, sun and clouds today high of 74.
7:47 am
seventy-one on saturday. sixty-four the high on sunday. on and off showers both days but there will be some sunshine in between. that is why you need a sweater with that high of 64 on sunday. all of the rain just about all of the rain has pulled away, and we will see a little lingering along the coast but we will eventually get rid of the cloud. we will jump to saturday, and, plenty of sunshine, saturday afternoon, and around 4:00 o'clock we will see some showers, and heavy rain around nine or 10:00 o'clock at night. and, then on sunday morning, by sunday afternoon we may have some rain but sunshine as we get ready for sunset on sunday. we have got to say in the a wash out but not a perfectly dry weekend either. temperatures in the 60's to the north of us. sixty-one mount pocono. we have 66 degrees in warminster. chester 65. bensalem 68 degrees. sixty-eight in millville. zero seven in cape may.
7:48 am
we have to second phillies games because of the rain out yesterday. 78 degrees at 5:05 when phillies get started and it will be a very nice weather evening with those blue skies before sun set is out. sunset at 7:17. and there is our heat wave from earlier in the week labor day on tuesday, wednesday in the 90's. yesterday all that rain and 81 . today sunshine and 84. eighty-one on saturday. seventy's for high temperatures on sunday, with a chance of showers, probably late saturday, into sunday and 76 degrees clearing out on monday and begin a nice stretch and warming trend as well, mid 80's by thursday. that is your weather authority forecast, stubborn cloud but are things back to normal. >> almost back to normal. they finally opened up ramp from the vine expressway to head west on the schuylkill, that early morning jackknife tractor trailer of the here.
7:49 am
traffic like spigot here opened up and starting to move but we are backup coming over ben franklin, backup coming in on i-95 with you across town it is okay. folks using that vine local where martin luther king drive. we have check with the airport there are weather delays at philly international. so check with your and line heading down to fly out or pick someone up, early morning rain causing delays. otherwise delays on the blue route in both directions, looking for delays crossing town anyone heading in toward that schuylkill mess watch for delays, and we will see motorcycles heading to the shore, it is roar at the shore, classic motorcycle weekend down there at the convention center north on 55 an accident approaching freeway. machine breakfast time we will go to little bee's restaurant a breakfast spot in thardly train station. this is within of those cool old train station that is they turn into a breakfast spot on jenkintown road. we will see you out you the
7:50 am
there at 9:00 a.m. on glenside on monday. >> we will look forward to that. wake up my kiddies name of our using in meant where we go in the house, and let them know. >> we make sure your kid wakes up in time for school. >> i suggested that to wake them up. >> that is waking me up. >> much more sophisticated idea was put together by our quincy harris who got one of the best trombone players in the world jeff brad shaw to do honors today. the let's do this. >> in northeast philadelphia. >> jaylen's house this is her father rob. >> ready. move the talk out of the way. >> okay.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> ♪ >> jaylen, wake up. jaylen, wake up. are you breathing? are you there. >> your parents want to wake you up this morning. wake up. how are you. >> how are you doing. >> good. >> she doesn't know where she is. >> she's on good day philadelphia say hello to everyone. >> hello. >> that is a trombone player jeff brad shaw world renowned. >> how are you. >> how are you doing this morning. >> have you ever been awakened
7:52 am
like this. >> happens all the time. >> how old are you. >> nine and a half. >> she's nine and a half. >> you turn ten in. >> six months. >> your parents wanted us to wake you up because they say you don't wake up on time. >> i'm going to kill them. >> cannery play something else. >> ♪ >> we're waking her up. >> thank you, back to you guys in the studio. >> might be a little smile on her face a little bit. >> hilarious. >> yes. >> nine and a half. >> send in other ideas, the
7:53 am
horns, that will be hard to beat. >> it is. let us know twitter, instagram facebook use the hashtag fox 29 good day. for life...
7:54 am
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7:56 am
we are walking this way, this morning, go take a walk, surgeon general issued a call to action to get americans up off the couch, and take a walk. the that is what mike is doing with doctor mike, to find out why it is so important. get walking, guys. >> we will get to walking because doctor mike, i understand, did you realize the surgeon general suggest we start walking. >> yes, very important. surgeon general says the walk will reduce disease. i brought my friend here and i will tell you why walking is so important. it reduces depression.
7:57 am
it reduces all kind of things like diabetes, high blood pressure, keeps your weight down, gets all your muscles working. look at how beautiful the human body is and how complex. walking makes it all better. >> one thing that helps me thinks new app, it is in the so new, and it tracks how many steps you take in a day. last week i walk from camden to the ben franklin parkway. 17,000 steps in that day. new today, i'm only up to 925, 26, 27, 28. i'm going to try get to 10,000 every day. >> if you do that it will reduce your risk of disease. what the surgeon general has said is not only is it important that we walk because it is free, easy, most people can do it. you don't need to go to the gym. >> seriously. >> and interns to nobody help you. >> i'm a doctor. >> basically what will happies if you walk you'll reduce your
7:58 am
risk of disease. he said we need more places to walk safely. so george doesn't run into a pole. there he goes. >> do you now know he almost ran in the horse at franklin institute one time. >> is that right. >> he likes horses. >> anyway, so you got to get out, folks. you have to walk. get your bones moving and you will make your machine better. you will look like mike jerrick look at how good he looks. fantastic. >> no, it is such a simple idea but if you can get 10,000 steps in, you will be good. >> i think if you can do any kind of exercise like walking, it is very simple. very, very simple. >> i'm up to 1,000, and 39, 40, 41 steps. >> use the technology to your advantage. thank you for. that thank you very much. >> do you see, there you go. >> you already looks better.
7:59 am
>> yes. >> he is taking a nap. >> thank you, buddy. >> yes. >> there you go. >> just like the pope bo t you have to watch the streets of philadelphia. >> that is so true. >> be careful on the streets of philadelphia. >> thank you keep walking, mike. good day, it is friday, september 11th, 2015. can you believe it has been 14 years. september 11th, 2001 is a day many people won't forget. tributes across the country as americans remembered one of the darkest days in history. >> chris? alex, new from overnight another sex scandal rocks the michigan house, a law maker out of the job this morning.
8:00 am
alex, back to you. in hot water again, donald trump's new controversial comments about carli fiorina's face how he is defending himself. plus her response right now. and then this... you know her from living single, you know music, we are living, you know, single. >> yes. >> that is you, not me. >> it is me. >> hi sue. >> kim cole is in the studio this morning. >> i love her. >> so what she really thinks of that theme song people bring it up all the a time and where you can text her this weekend. good morning, everyone. >> there was rain. >> yes. >> there is lots of rain. >> richard pryor's daughter is name rain. >> she was lovely several months ago. >> not that long ago. >> we tie everything together. >> we to. >> improvement today even though there are still some clouds around this morning, that aren't anymore rain in the forecast.
8:01 am
>> thank goodness. >> for today. >> but it is the weekend. >> well, that is a different story. >> yeah. >> eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers. improvement today. bus stop buddy, in more umbrella, still cloudy and damp. most of our temperatures in the 60's or enclose to 07 degrees. 81 percent relative humidity and 8-mile an hour breeze out of the north. in more rain as it all moves away. so for rest of the morning mostly cloudy, little bit of sunshine 68, 69 degrees. 79 degrees by lunchtime mix of sun and cloud. nice northerly breezes and mild afternoon with a high temperature of 84 degrees. that takes care of friday. we will at least weather-wise call this a fantastic friday but weekend as we mentioned is a different weather story. we will tell you that story in awe few minutes, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. tgif. we are back in business here.
8:02 am
vine street expressway traffic moving again. we had an earlier jackknife tractor trailer, a little line up here. this gang heading in to 30th street station. i-95 look at the shadows cast by that big old sun. ninety-five south just minor delay working in toward girard avenue. even though sun glare earlier rain leaving with us delays at philly international. check with the airline before you head down to the airport otherwise your speed meter reading, 95 tight near girard running slow from conshohocken to belmont and delays on the blue route in the normal spots rolling through drexel hill. head up tomorrow eastbound on the schuylkill all day long, penndot will be doing tree trimming down to one lane between conshohocken and gladwynn. heading in the city oregon for an early trip to the airport use the blue route. mike and alex. >> people tweeting me this morning saying it is their birthday. you know it is september 11th.
8:03 am
>> what a day to have a birthday. >> that is for sure. >> they are getting ready to ring that bell. it has been 14 years since the worst attack, terrorist attack, in the united states. it is a live shot with that beautiful shot, very close to where the two towers used to stand. many observances, we will have six moment of silence, and almost 3,000 people lost their lives in new york city, washington d.c. and out in shanksville, pennsylvania. so six moments of the silence, one for each of the planes when they hit and when the the twin towers collapsed. we will try to take you to all of those until we are off the air at 10:00 o'clock this morning. people are gathering for their patriots the day ceremony and in observance of september 11th. >> sabina, what are you seeing right now. >> good morning. >> reporter: we are half an hour out from the ceremony, you can see a group has begun to gather here at the place of reflection in chestnut branch park in mantua township.
8:04 am
you can see the color guard is here. the various local dignitaries have showed up. we have seen some people setting up earlier, go back, and change in their uniforms because they work for township and local fire fighters and some are police men and they have change in their uniform to take part. they take part in the ceremony and in the distance you can hear bagpipes that are practicing, color guard setting up there. that is the addition, new addition, this year to the place of reflection on. we have added a memorial to the victims of the pentagon, 184 victims who died when planes struck the pentagon. you can see they have start that had memorial and they have put in some nice finishing touches. they have done several things to remember 9/11. and, it is leading in the memorial. they have 184, gray blocks making up the memorial, 184
8:05 am
gray blocks representing 184 victims. and, of course, that is a new addition. they are finding new ways to remember and to mark this anniversary. thinks a county wide ceremony, so not just township but gloucester county. they are honoring three men, gloucester county men who died on 9/11. john rodack, nicholas brand marty, and perry thompson their families will be here as well today, 14 years since 9/11. a beautiful way to mark this ceremony. back to you. >> i like new additions there, for sure. we will get back to you when festivities start there. have you been hearing about what is going on in air zone. investors are on the hunt for a freeway shooter, 11 cars and trucks have been hot hit by gunshots. take a look there, in other projectiles in the past few weeks. seven of the 11 incidents involved bullets. department of the public safety said they have received calls from drivers reporting damage windows. thankfully no one has been
8:06 am
hurt. they are trying to get down to the bottom of it. >> there is a major high waste ten that runs through arizona and that is where they have taken place. very scary. remember when we had a shooter on the east coast years ago. probably seven or eight years ago. along i-95. 8:06. two lawmakers out of michigan are out of jobs. one resign, the the other expelled. the the reason extra marital affair. >> chris murphy, tell us about this. >> thinks juicy. the case is in the hand of the michigan state police as they want to determine if there was any criminal wrongdoing among these two lawmakers. this is representative todd coarser he submitted his resignation letter around 3:00 s collogues debated kicking him out of the state house. short time late i have, representative cindy gameram was expelled in the 91-12 vote. they were having that affair together and then coarser said a phony e-mail claiming he was
8:07 am
caught with a male prostitute it was an effort to make at fair less believable if expose by any anonymous blackmailer. can you imagine. michigan's governor supports a police investigation into this scandal. but to try to throw off the the investigation by saying you had an affair with the male prostitute as a dude, wow. >> it is just a mix up. >> thanks, chris. >> do you think he was just thinking bit all night and that is yes submitted it at 3:00 in the morning. >> so you don't have anybody around. >> that is one way to do it. >> couldn't you just fax it in. >> 3:00 in the morning. vice-president gentlemen biden opens up to stephen colbert about losing his son and why he doesn't plan on running for president. >> he said dad, i know how much you love me. you have to promise me something, promise you will be all right. no matter what happens, daddy will be all right.
8:08 am
promise me. this is a kiddy don't know what it was about him. he had an enormous sense of empathy. i know i may be sound like a father. >> talking about beau biden. >> he is right about his son. >> as if he will run he hinted emotionally he cannot give it his all. he said just other day at an event and someone mentioned his son and he lost it. >> that is why i think i will like this show, this new late the show with stephen colbert, because he is saying in interviews that they will have a lot of fun but every now and then when they need to they will have serious topics. because he can handle both very well. >> 8:08. people living near ben franklin parkway they are finding out papal visit may be longer then just the weekend. logan square neighborhood association met with city officials and secret service at cathedral basilica last
8:09 am
night. they are people of philly impacted the most during pope francis visit. sit a announced they will start towing cars in the secure zone on september 20th. you are wondering what is that about? that is five days before the pope arrives. it is american just weekend and people are saying what will you do not being able to park near my home for a week. >> remember is there the world meeting of families week leading up to the pope's visit. >> yep. >> so, did you see these yesterday. >> the emojis about the pope. >> they are not just owe mow gis but pope ones. >> now, look at this, pope francis is already having a good time in fill. the pope emoji feature great philly sites. >> he is smaller then i thought. >> they is at love park. love park sign is huge. he gets to hang out at liberty bell, look at that, thumbs up for that. you cannot visit philadelphia without having a cheese stake. wonder where he got that from. >> tony luke's. >> tony lukes.
8:10 am
>> i'm afraid to say. >> speaking of cheese steaks, we will eat one of those pretzel cheese steaks today. >> joe from joe steaks will bring it in because people, i saw some people in twitter upset. you cannot call it a cheese stake because it is made with pretzel dough around the meat. >> what will we call it we have to come up with a name for it if you want pope emojis just go to the app store. >> we will start using them. >> we will talk about the pope for a while. >> fifteen, 16 more days. >> 8:10. this is what you have to do when you have a meeting about a big event, you have to listen to each other, right. >> nobody listens. >> we have a pal event melt down again involving vanessa williams. she's set to make her first miss america appearance in over three decade but this does not come without controversy. why we are hearing show executives are in crisis mode. she may not show up.
8:11 am
plus... >> so much more. everything you need to necessity about the the green weekend is this week it is green fest. >> what the heck is that all about. >> very cool. >> we will ask jen. >> she must be expecting rain.
8:12 am
♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
8:14 am
i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] it is 8:14. boy did we get rain? how much rain? four and three-quarters inches, a little bit above that and a new record for september 10th in philadelphia. the old record has been there since 1909 about 2 inches in one day, wenoah in gloucester county got 4 inches. the graterford, montgomery county almost three and a half. 3 inches in veil forge, dover, delaware, two and a half inches. impressive rainfall totals from that system that has been moved far, far away from frustrates. there are a few lingering showers at the shore but most of them have moved out in the atlantic ocean. so now we are left with stubborn clouds with us the rest of the day but a lot of sunshine. it looks like a fantastic friday weather-wise, saturday
8:15 am
starts out great in the morning, and early afternoon but by about three or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon here comes cloud on saturday, and then, a few breaks in the action sunday morning. a lot of rain saturday night into sunday another break in the action sunday afternoon and some more rain coming. we will have sunshine, in between, our, areas of rain, and won't be nearly as much rain as we head yesterday but there is rain in your weekend. fifty-nine in philadelphia 67 in reading, allentown, pottstown, and trenton. and atlantic city. upper 60's in wilmington, dover delaware and millville. still on the sticky side. fill is two games tonight because of the rain out yesterday. about 83 degrees at 5:00 when game begins or the games begin. it should be a nice evening at the ballpark. the at least weather-wise. eighty-four today. eighty-two tomorrow. sunday's high only 76. we are in the 70's on monday as well but a warming trend as
8:16 am
we get in the middle of the next week, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. coming up, at 8:16 on this friday morning a live look downtown philadelphia, still backup here on the right lane trying to get over toward septa, amtrak's 30th street station so that jackknife tractor trailer gone and out of there. we have some delays on mass transit, paoli thorndale line running with 30 minute delays this morning and cynwyd line running with 20 minute delays. give yourself some extra time there this morning. even though we had sunshine now early morning weather problems leaving with us delays at philly international on arrivals and departures. we will check with the airline before we head down to the airport. southbound i-95 jammed up from the betsy to girard, and delays on blue route near direction ill hill southbound coming out of the mid county. mike and alex, back to you. >> do you know who ace above the fold, ruben amaro out?
8:17 am
it hasn't gotten any response on twit tore day. >> they were busy ranking yesterday good well, that is probably true n surprise but it got cover of the daily news. >> aloft of people are saying finally. >> finally, yeah good but now we have to figure out what will happen next? long road whether he is here or not. >> they are looking for a new gm. 8:17. >> everything will be turning up green this sunday. kid fest what is that thing you are on. seriously. >> this is the most amazing thing from our buddies, our sponsors at a franklin institute. >> good morning you are not just known for blowing stuff up but you make world prettier. >> we do good what is this thing behind us. >> well, this is our sculpture and we built this, franklin institute built this for climate and urban systems partnership which is a private leg of the franklin institute raising community awareness
8:18 am
for climate change impact in philadelphia such as more heavy downpours such as we saw yesterday. hence all of these beautiful umbrellas. >> you said all that science nerd stuff and made me care bit. that is why green fest will be really fun this sunday. >> absolutely. >> we have got some friend, lets go talk to them as well. this is going to be one of the most fun science focused things. good morning to you. >> good morning, jen. >> on your right we have what. >> katie edward from clean air council. >> she will make us a. >> i am going to eat bugs with you. >> over here, sorry about that. but first we will make a t-shirt on a mobil printing press with hope. >> i love that. >> she will do that quickly but don't do it yet. >> then bugs, everybody loves bugs. i have asked everyone that has walk by to eat a bug. only taker is our lovely intern kelce. before we get to her because maybe we will other people. explain why you have a mobile printing press.
8:19 am
>> the whole point to bring it to people. i want people to learn how to make a t-shirt. i get to ride. two of my favorite things. >> i like to see it. >> how long does it takes. >> she said a second. >> this is need, forget about spray painting stuff you are doing it old fashion way. >> super symbol. >> you will there been at green fest. >> yes. >> katie, here we are, we will come back here, and good morning to you my love. >> good morning good you are making amazing green fest drinks. >> yes. >> what what that is. >> we have momosa's here, black cherry cider which is perfect with a dark check late browny made with cricket flower. >> kelce, so old when tv news people do it, so tv interns. the cricket things. >> if i had a choice it will
8:20 am
be the brown. >> and then green fest this sunday, 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. >> everyone who is working on sustain a ability in the whole region. >> making it fun and not nerdy or dorky or boring. >> we have a pop up beer garden, we have food trucks and live music good there you go, live music, umbrellas, franklin institute, kelce ate brownies. back to you in the studio. >> that is a cool event. >> gorgeous. >> do you think it is okay to discipline someone else's kids? new survey is out, when the experts say it is okay to discipline other peoples children, especially in public. blank. but first in hot water again donald trump's new controversial comments about connie fiorina fake how he is defending himself plus her response.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
first moment of silence is coming up on that huge, crowd, already, down by ground zero lower manhattan. >> the place of remembrance now. >> they are getting you red there i for moment of silence in just a few minutes. >> let's talk about this, donald trump is denying he was taking a shot, at his opponent, carli fiorina's, looks, her face basically, when he slammed her. >> he said it has everything tow with her potential as a presidential candidate. >> even though, he was quoted as having said, in reference to this woman here on the right, look at the that face, would anyone vote for that? he made the comments to
8:25 am
rolling stone reporter, after getting slammed for the comment, donald trump called into cnn and the view, that morning show, saying that he was talking about her persona. not her face. >> then went on to slam her performance, as ceo of hewlett packard and failed g.o.p. campaign. she does not believe trump's explanation it is part of his pattern to explain away his offensive comment. still latest cnn poll shows trump lead ago monk republicans at 32 percent, and he is also up in the polls with women too. >> yeah, republican women. >> yes, way up in the polls. >> you talk about pretty face, i see one. >> just come in. >> yes. >> kim cole in the studio this morning. >> so unannounced. >> what the heck. >> look at you. >> good morning. >> hey, turn around. >> i get a better camera shot.
8:26 am
>> i want a hug too. >> yes so nice to meet you. >> i love it.
8:27 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ is there lower manhattan. all of lower manhattan is, and people that have lost their lives. fourteen years ago. fourteen years ago. you know back on that day 14
8:30 am
years ago, it was a tuesday, the weather was fantastic, beautiful blue skies and terrorist attack happened. this is in mantua. they will do that ceremony in a bit. >> the just moments because ceremonies starts at 8:30. we will go live there as well. >> okay. >> well, sue, i know you were here 14 years ago do you remember that day. >> yes, you were anchoring. i was at tyler arboretum, i will never forget it, sky was blue, wasn't a cloud in the sky and then our whole world changed forever. there we are with bus stop buddy for kid who started school this week. this is their first week of school over with, smiling, no more umbrella like we needed yesterday but stubborn clouds are with us with temperatures in the 60's, so keep that in mine, the sunnies coming but not here just yet. eight out of ten in your weather by numbers, almost 70 degrees. northerly breeze, at 8 miles an hour.
8:31 am
so, things are improving, all the rain is moving off shore, it is almost there, and plan on a high of 84. pretty nice afternoon, as temperature goes up and sun takes over from the clouds the the the humidity will start dropping. we will have that weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes, but there are any more problems now that we have that vine street expressway thing out of the way. >> the vine street expressway is opened, 422 eastbound slow working your way in toward that king of prussia interchange. we have delays on the regional rails, 30 minutes on the paoli line, 20 minutes on the cynwyd regional rail line, and is there your travel time south on i-95 about a 25 minute trip inbound on the schuylkill only 22 minutes as you work your way from conshohocken through center city. otherwise, bridges looking good. >> fine tooth comb. the new york mets, lives in connecticut in a beautiful greenhouse. shouldn't that say dream
8:32 am
house. >> i cannot type any war with the g, h and d, if i have time gh theondi i'm in big trouble. >> do you remember saint claire. kim cole in living single, of course. hit show. we loved that show. she's done other things as well. frazier, mad tv and number of other tv shows. >> for a while she has taken over the tv world. welcome to philly. >> i'm a brooklyn girl. brooklyn feels like philly to me. i hope that doesn't make philly people mad or brooklyn people mad but energy is the same. >> we are so glad to have you here. >> you are in longer living single. >> i'm married, thank you. >> did you marry. >> fresh off presses married like three weeks ago. >> congratulations. >> yes. >> newlyweds. >> come on over here. >> yes. >> this is what he gets from
8:33 am
me. >> speak into my microphone. what sit like to be married to this woman. >> it is wonderful. every day is a dream. >> where did you get married. >> we got married the first time in the dominican republic, right in june and then, dave of celebrations, the tv show, asked if he culled do our wedding. three weeks ago we got married again in a beautiful wednesday ago this will air later this year. it was wonderful good okay. now, get out. >> nice to meet you, congratulations. >> so he used to be a police officer. >> he used to be a police officer. i was doing an event in south carolina. >> yes. >> i'm told that the officer would be my escort for the day and i had no idea. he is a local stick teacher and intuitive and i didn't know he had spoken that day but he was also like i guess moon lighting as my security team.
8:34 am
>> yes. >> lovely suit at the time. >> and it was fast. >> so good. >> so happy. >> you never really got off-duty. >> yes. >> all the time. >> we will do it for you. >> amazing for me. >> he has moved to los angeles and helping coaching people through map fesstation and kind of awesome. >> yes. >> when we first saw you, you were in in living single. kim cole coming in, we love it. do you ever get tired of people coming up, bringing it up to you. >> yes, the show was so wonderful, and you could fine yourself in the girl friends in within. everybody relates to someone and we live on forever, friend, and we're all too busy for each other and we do hang out and some of us. >> we did see this reaction though, this clip, take a look at this.
8:35 am
>> ♪ >> someone does this alexander and i. >> i love her. >> who is from philly. >> yes, she is. >> girls high high school, fill girls. >> we have a student called bff chronicles, best friend are to ever and ongoing you tube web series. we have so much fun together. that is my girl. that is what happens when someone sings a song. my ear is bleeding from i'm living, single. >> i'm glad i got my girls. >> yes, okay. >> why are you in philly. >> i'm here because i'm hosting power of laughter lunch in. power of laughter lunch in for american heart association. and it is so wonderful to use laughter to share information
8:36 am
about stroke, and health, and how you can change your lifestyle. >> to this morning at 11:00 to two. >> tomorrow morning. >> like i said, tomorrow from 11 to 2:00. >> can you still get tickets. go to something. slash -- put it on the web site. i'm too excited to tell you. it is all about reducing salt and understanding signs of stroke and make changes in your life today to make a difference. stroke is number one disabler. i'm getting all of the facts in. >> yes. >> good to see you you too. >> thank you, thank you. >> 8:36. >> it is only september but we are talking about holiday toys, can we believe it? list is out hottest gift for kid this season coming up.
8:37 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work, that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
8:38 am
8:39 am
that is rudy guiliani, who
8:40 am
was mayor at the the time, 14 years ago, during 9/11 attack. he did such a great job trying to heel that city. lets get to another sit a affect washington d.c. our chris wallace, "fox news" sunday. every time, every year, now 14 years later i say the same thing i never thought we would get back to normalcy in this country. i bet you drive by the pentagon almost every day. do you ever when you look ate, doesn't it all come back. >> oh, absolutely. that is within of the things, looking at various networks this morning they are all obviously replaying the horrible images of that day. you kind of put it aside. you think it is over and you don't feel so deeply about it but you see those images and takes you back to the terror, panic, and the concern for our fellow americans. the thing i remember most in washington, you'd have the two attacks in new york and then attack on the pentagon. i was than the near pentagon but i could see smoke rising
8:41 am
and you thought to yourself, where will it end? we felt we were under attack and didn't know what would happen next. >> my kid, one was in los angeles, other in kansas city, i had that same feeling, a fourth plane will they hit denver, los angeles, will they try to hit every city. i thought it with go on all day long. >> that is right, we had kids that were in schools across washington metropolitan area my wife was calling them up. they wanted to rush and get kid but on the other hand city immediately became so completely grid locked that the best thing for them to do is hold in place. it was a frightful day lets hope it never happens again in our lifetime. >> one thing, every time i see you, i think one of the most chilling moments for me our collogue tony snow was on with a live shot at the same chair you were in and we saw over the wires that the pentagon got hit. i said, tony, pentagon got hit
8:42 am
and he looked to his right and apparently out a window and he could see the smoke and he said wow. >> the building right behind me the capitol, that is where that last plane was headed for, crashed in the dome. we were almost at ground zero here. >> that is for sure. >> real quickly give me your top guest on sunday. >> real quickly. >> john kassig, my licensing shot special for republican nomination. we will talk about immigration, rather migration and batter over how much u.s. should do and finally a fast facing math genius, who is an offensive line man for ravens. big body, a beautiful mine. >> see you sunday, chris. >> we are four minutes away from the first moment of silence, in lower manhattan. we will take you there.
8:43 am
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8:46 am
there. ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> president and first lady walking back into the white house there. they were out for the moment of silence that was taking place at 8:46 when the first plane hit that building 14 years ago. >> and now, flight 11 when it hit north tour at 8:46. >> when bagpipes come out that is what gets to me, and you
8:49 am
know, do we still have robert? robert moses, heart breaking scene for me every year is to see the pictures of the people lost their lives, their loved ones, holding them up. robert? >> reporter: mike and alex, good morning to you. it never ceases to send shivers down my spine whenever i hear those bagpipes and drums and to hear the national anthem. lets take another live look if we can at the ceremony that is going on right new because this, to me is the most powerful to me and that is reading of the names. every single year, you hear these names, red by the family members who miss these people so much and it always strikes me how long it takes to get through every name. beside moment of silence that is essentially what this ceremony is, and between now and about 11:55 or 11:56 this morning you will hear reading of the the names and another reminder of the toll, that day
8:50 am
took. back to you. >> robert, sure is. it takes over three hours because nearly 3,000 peoples names have ton read. >> thanks for being with us on good day philadelphia nice job. there will be more moment of silence. >> another one at 9:03. >> yeah. >> coming right back.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
things are slowly improving, weather-wise, we're finally getting some sunshine here in olde city but there are a few left over clouds around especially at the shore. cooler temperatures then what we had earlier this week with heat wave number six and weekend rain chances out there, saturday, and sunday, each day there is a chance of rain but also a chance of sunshine. 84 degrees today. eighty-two tomorrow. by sunday we have a high in the 70's, warming trend as we get in the middle of next week. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly, looking
8:54 am
brighter at least. >> we have sunshine and bridge opening for you, good morning. 8:54 exactly, tacony palmyra, freighter heading north bound, so maybe another ten minutes or so putting the bridge back together and get traffic moving again. accident on i-95 north bound near penns landing right before we get to center city ape delays on the paoli thorndale line running with 20 minute delays, cynwyd line running with 20 minute delays and about 20 minutes eastbound on the schuylkill coming into town town, stay there we will be right back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
fourteen years ago today that side of the building was slammed into by a big jet engine. fourteen years since 9/11. they are getting ready for their ceremony in d.c. and we will take through for. that we have had one moment of silence at 8:46 when the first plane hit, we will have
8:58 am
another one in six minutes at 9:03 when the second plane hit that second tower and we knew our lives had changed because then for sure we knew it was terrorism. hi karen. >> hello. >> where were you 14 years ago. >> i was on a plane trying to come back, i was overseas. nobody could get back, from tuesday to saturday, then we all went in the coverage and mode up there at ground zero. >> lower manhattan but i know you noticed behind us, do you see all of the white. >> rumbling. >> what an honor for these kid at bishop shanahan. >> that is in chester county. >> they get to play for the pope when he land in atlantic aviation in philadelphia on september 26th. >> first thing that the pope sees. >> we will go out and talk to them and they will play for us. >> it is friday, it is september 11th, 2015. did you hear about the miss america pageant, of course, in atlantic city this weekend. >> everyone was so excited because vanessa williams is
8:59 am
set to make her first miss america appearance in three decade. she went on a press tour, announcing it all, but there is controversy going on. we are hearing that the executives for the show they are in crisis mode. >> big time. >> miscommunication. >> she may in the show up. >> plus there are a hollywood power couple but is there a trust issue going on here. who christie says she will never allow in their house, when they become parent one day. no, no, no not in my house. >> i agree for a million examples which we will go through. >> do you you think it is okay to discipline someone else's kid. >> wow. >> there is a new survey. this is really interesting. when the experts say it is okay, and the one thing you should be reminding, your own child. >> okay. also, what do you call this facebook mentions. >> yes. >> that is my facebook. >> it is like periscope it is like facebook mentions, how
9:00 am
will they look at this right now. >> my facebook page karen hepp, fox 29, and we're live right there. >> we have an extra camera. >> yes, change the behind the scenes what is really going on here. >> yes, thank you. >> that will be a very boring job. >> yes. >> fun tv. >> okay. straight up at 9:00. we are three minutes away from the next moment of silence. fourteen years ago. we had already seen at 8:46 a plane had hit first tower and then what is this? could this have been a accident? well, no the the size of the hole in the building was just too big. they thought it was a small plane when they talk to us in our ear. then you could tell it was a big jet. then you are saying what is this did someone go off course and slam in the building. >> you were live on the air when this happened. >> because we were being careful. we were reporting it could have been a accident and then at 9:03 the other plane hit while we were


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